Document Management Software

Maximise the power of your data

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Document Management Software

Extract meaningful data and gain insight from your documents with smart templating and intelligent processing.

Your organisation is so much more than the sum of its parts, and your files and documents are no exception. Hidden inside those scans, invoices, orders, and forms are a treasure trove of information and insights just waiting to be discovered. Bring meaning to the mundane with Captur and turn the unstructured content of all your disparate documents into dependable data.

Foldr speaks to a whole world of storage so there’s no need for moving or duplication – your documents are processed in place. Captur’s intuitive visual template designer means you can process and classify your documents in no time. Using intelligent value conversion, smart date formatting, and advanced table support Captur can extract valuable insights from even the most complex of business documents.

  • Unique ‘in-place’ recognition and extraction, no moving or duplication required
  • Powerful extraction and classification with an intuitive template designer
  • Zonal OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)
  • Advanced Regular Expression engine
  • Line item extraction and default field values
  • Compatible with Foldr’s mobile document scanner
  • Seamless integration with MaSH for workflow and automation
  • Perfect for invoice processing, accounts payable, paper form processing, and more…

File Zen

The modern workplace can quickly descend into digital chaos. Legacy files on your servers, collaborative documents in the cloud, photos from clients, and emails from suppliers. Each with a different point of access or interface. Throw in security and compliance and you have a recipe for technological turmoil.

But there is a way to achieve the digital enlightenment that you and your users so desperately seek. And that way is Foldr

Innovative technology that unifies your file estate so you can focus on the things that matter.

Declutter your online workspaces with our intuitive web app and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Each has been thoughtfully designed to simplify and speed up access to those all-important documents.

When you’re ready to move to a higher digital plane, Foldr’s powerful sharing tools and expansive extraction and automation systems mean you can build, create, share, and automate all from the same beautifully simple interface.

All of which leads to less stressed and happier, more productive users. Now that is File Zen

  • Beautifully Simple
  • Instant Access
  • Store, Search, Share
  • Easy governance
  • Powerful automation
  • Security for peace of mind


Make your workflow with beautifully simple, deceptively powerful automation.

All great journeys start with a single step and your road to digital enlightenment should be no different. Don’t let automation anxiety or workflow worries hold your organisation back. Take the first step on your path to Making Stuff Happen with MaSH from Foldr, the easy and powerful way to automate even the most complex of business processes.

Let MaSH be your agent for change when confronted by burdensome and repetitive jobs like file creation and document classification. Working with Foldr’s innovative search, extraction, and sharing capabilities, MaSH can facilitate automation and complete almost unlimited tasks with flexibility and cost-efficiency unique to the market.

  • A welcoming and intuitive scripting language – no previous coding experience required
  • Find and work with any file wherever it is stored
  • Configure and execute tasks automatically
  • Scheduled and event-driven workflows
  • API and data source interaction – connect and easily extract or manipulate data
  • Use custom fields to assign metadata to files
  • Create, edit, split, and merge documents
  • Securely share and audit files on all your attached storage
  • Search, classify, and redact legacy and cloud documents
  • Send emails, SMS messages, and notifications individually or in bulk with custom templates

Public sharing, Private sharing, and Auto-sharing

By sharing documents from their existing location, you are not duplicating them, and you can still receive notifications when recipients open or change them, with a full audit trail. Take it one step further and automatically share those files and folders based on creating a folder, a time, or a certain action.

  • Construction (Users need to share confidential floor plans with their outsourced architect)
  • Plant Hire (User needs to make sure their new JCB driver has his license and insurance)
  • Solicitors (A solicitor needs a contract to be read and/or signed)
  • Property Services (A Landlord needs to send a resident their Gas Safety Certification)
  • Home Health Care (A nurse needs to get a patient’s latest prescriptions added to their system, without using her personal phone via WhatsApp)
  • Remote workers (If you needed to access and share a document with a customer)

Document management doesn’t have to be scary or expensive .. Talk to the UCS team today and maximise the power of your data.


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