Voice Files

Gain instant credibility with your callers

Voice Files

Gain instant credibility with your callers

Your phone greeting is often the FIRST contact between a caller and your business. Making a great first impression can influence the caller’s decision to do business with you. Using our professional voice recording service for your business phone system will convey the professionalism of your company and establish instant credibility with your callers.

Design your bespoke audio files for on-hold and routing calls. Use our AI scripting tools, or have a real person record greetings and marketing, along with your bespoke music.

Change your files whenever you need to, be it for seasonal messages or current promotions. Simply use our audio branding to best fit your business.

Engage your callers with professional voice prompts.

What can your business phone greetings contain?

Business hours greetings

Answer incoming calls during normal hours with a custom phone greeting specific to your business with routing options to particular departments or employees, or just give callers the information they need.

After-hours voicemail business greetings

Let callers know that your business is closed but their call is still important. With after-hours business voicemail greetings, you can give them emergency options or a commitment to call them back by allowing callers to leave a voicemail for an employee or department.

Holiday/special event greetings

Create professional phone greetings for specific events and holidays to keep customers excited and connected with your business. Provide holiday promotions or advertisements to build customer loyalty, or simply let the caller know your business is closed in observance of a holiday.

Departmental voicemail greetings

Professional voicemail greetings for individual departments can be used to create a consistent tone and voice for the business across all departments. Prevent caller hang-up by providing them with the assistance or call back they need.

Personal voicemail greetings

When customers are trying to reach a specific person who is unavailable, personal business voicemail greetings can be used to make that personal connection or forward their calls to employees’ remote phones and numbers.

Using AI or your script we have thousands of voice prompts for businesses. These messages help keep callers engaged as active participants in the call by prompting actions and information from them.


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