LED’s – LaaS (Light as a Service).

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LED’s – LaaS

In most office buildings, lighting accounts for 39% of annual electricity use.

The figures climb higher in specialised settings such as Hospitals (43%) and Hotels / Schools and Colleges (65%). As energy costs rise, creating an energy-efficient workplace is a top priority for every organisation.

The best way to reduce your energy costs is to reduce your consumption. A Light as a Service Agreement helps reduce your light consumption by up to 80% and therefore it is possible to unlock large financial savings as well as reduce your CO2 consumption.

At UCS Energy we simplify energy efficiency. We handle the upfront cost, installation, and ongoing support of a tailored LED lighting solution. You pay a fixed quarterly fee for the LaaS Agreement and the energy savings generated are greater than our fee which means you unlock cash savings from day one.

As well as eliminating the need for capital, it ensures you have up-to-date technology, ongoing maintenance, and predictable fees.

Light as a Service (LaaS) ensures organisations have new and efficient LED lighting technology and all the benefits that go with it.

It includes every aspect of a lighting upgrade from start to finish.

Reduced C02 Emissions

  • Traditional lights consume far more energy than LED lights.
  • This is because LEDs have a high lumen output per watt, turning about 95% of their energy into light, whereas traditional lights waste lots of energy turning it into heat.
  • An LED bulb will last approximately 15 years. Incandescent light bulbs have a short life span, so they have to be replaced frequently. Switching to LED Bulbs won’t just save you money, it also lowers your carbon footprint.
  • The manufacturing of bulbs uses precious resources, takes energy and produces carbon dioxide. The more bulbs manufactured and used, the greater the carbon dioxide emissions.
  • LED bulbs have a very long life span compared to incandescent light bulbs. During the lifetime of just one LED, you would have to use around 30 incandescent bulbs. This means 30 times more bulbs would have to be manufactured, using significantly more materials and resources, resulting in more CO2 emissions.

Trusted by Our Suppliers

As a preferred partner to the world’s leading companies, we marry our expertise with the best technology there is to provide the most appropriate solution for your business.

Our higher-level accreditations recognise our superior service levels and our proven ability to understand which technology will deliver the very best results for our clients.

In turn, we receive their highest levels of commercial and technical support – benefits that we pass on to our clients.

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