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VoIP phone systems have quickly become the norm in workplaces around the UK – and around the world. This is because they are cheaper and offer greater functionality than traditional telephones. For businesses that support hybrid or remote working, VoIP solutions can sync office, mobile, and home phones, enabling staff to utilise one easy-to-use system.

With a hosted phone system workers can also redirect callers to different departments easily, utilise a queuing system if call volumes are high, and incorporate professional greetings or out-of-office messages where necessary.

Get high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective business telecoms with United Client Services. Our industry-leading VoIP solutions, fibre broadband, and state-of-the-art handsets can give your organisation a competitive advantage.

Workplace Communications

Every business is unique.

We deliver intelligent communications solutions for the evolving digital workplace.

What exactly is the digital workplace? It’s a question that every organization must face as industry and technology evolve. In the current communications space, hybrid and remote work are still the dominant modes of employment. However, offices are increasingly transitioning to expanded in-office time while retrofitting existing spaces to better suit hybrid work—fewer desks, more video phones, and upgraded collaboration spaces.

The Digital Revolution

The workplace landscape has witnessed a shift, with digital technologies playing a pivotal role in shaping how teams communicate. From virtual meetings to instant messaging apps, the options for communication have multiplied. Today workplace communication is not just about face-to-face interactions; it encompasses a spectrum of digital channels.

Workplace communication now extends beyond the confines of traditional office spaces. Remote work has become a mainstream practice, demanding a more flexible and robust communication infrastructure. As organizations embrace hybrid models, ‘workplace communication’ is the need for connectivity across physical and virtual locations.

The evolving landscape will continue to demand adaptability from organizations and employees alike.

The days of the phone call may not be behind us, despite how many other communication platforms there are today, whether that be instant messaging, video calls, or VoIP systems, Google Meet, and Zoom for video calls.

Remote and hybrid workers are using VoIP systems to communicate more often than in-office workers.

Communication Services

The way people work, communicate, and collaborate is undergoing profound change. And it is all in the quest for raised business productivity and efficiency while at the same time reducing operational and IT costs.

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