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Is your business ready for the Big Switch-off?

Digitally transform and future-proof your business.

BT is switching off the UK’s PSTN and ISDN networks for good in 2027. This means that any business phone or service that operates on the old analogue network will be switched off.

The BT switch will affect thousands of businesses, especially those unaware of BT’s intention to phase out the technology. Traditional PSTN phone lines are a legacy technology with high maintenance costs and many drawbacks.

Ready for the PSTN Switch Off?

Work with the PSTN switch-off experts.

Benefit from our team of skilled experts based in the UK, as we provide robust technical support to all our clients. By partnering with UCS, you can stay ahead of the UK’s PSTN Switch Off and stay one step ahead in the evolving communications landscape.

Get the features you need to make managing calls easy with HVS Cloud Phone VOIP. With HVS Cloud Phone VOIP, you’ll have everything you need to keep your team connected and on top of calls. And with different packages to choose from, you can pick the pack with the features that fit your business best.

HVS Cloud Phone VOIP carries your calls securely over the internet using our broadband. And because voice takes priority over data (things like email and web browsing), they come through loud and clear. Our online portal helps you manage your calls. And our app lets you take them on your smartphone or computer, too. So, wherever business takes you, you’ll always be one step ahead.

Cloud Phone System

Securely manage your calls from any device, anywhere.

If you find yourself working somewhere else or working on the move, you can use our app and online portal to manage your calls. You can still work with your colleagues, too. Set up a conference call, check who else is online to take a call, or use desk sharing to speed up decision-making. All while sitting in a café, on a train, or wherever else you need to be.

We’re already helping several UK businesses transition from their legacy ISDN systems to our cloud-hosted phone system. Everything from number porting to hardware setup is managed by our customer onboarding team.

If you have already moved to a cloud phone system, we offer a free health check to see if HVS Cloud Phone VOIP can provide additional features at a lower price. Let’s see if we can help.

Why does your business need it?

Benefits of HVS Cloud Phone VOIP

HVS Cloud Phone VOIP is more flexible

Our phone systems are very flexible as they aren’t tied to a specific location. The Cloud-based technology allows users to have quick access to their phone systems from anywhere they have internet access. So you can take calls from your smartphone or tablet too. It also means you can travel or move locations without the stress of missing important calls or meetings, even out of hours.

HVS Cloud Phone VOIP is more cost-effective

Our phone systems can also save your business money. The fact you’re signing up for a monthly package, like you do with your mobile phone, helps you keep track of your spending.

HVS Cloud Phone VOIP is more dynamic

The digital work world is always evolving. With a cloud-based phone system, the technology can evolve with you. These systems can grow alongside your company, especially if you’re looking to take on more staff or move premises. Due to the digital nature of the product, updates, upgrades, and plan expansions are easily accessible.

HVS Cloud Phone VOIP systems come with lots of business-friendly features

Cloud-based systems also provide customers with more call features than a traditional phone system. These features include call menus, call queues, hold music, video meetings, and much more. HVS Cloud also contains features that reveal call analytics and trends through call reports, allowing companies to better understand their business and customers.

HVS Cloud Phone VOIP is easy to set up

Setting up a new phone system can be done fully remotely and requires no extra cost. It is as simple as signing up online and letting the calls flow in. All you need is a stable internet connection (preferably fibre) and we make this process easy, and efficient. We can also offer the option for our full onsite installation and configuration as well as our optional ongoing support package to ensure we are there if and when you need us.


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