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Microsoft Teams Phone

Teams Phone – more than a cloud phone system.

Experience smart communication and seamless collaboration with the only calling solution native to Teams.

As more companies embrace remote or hybrid work and cloud computing, employees increasingly use smartphones for their jobs. Phones have long played a crucial role in the communication aspect of work, but companies almost always rely on computers and tablets for video conferencing.

Microsoft Teams Telephony is a communication solution that brings voice-calling capabilities into the heart of the Microsoft Teams environment. It enables users to make, receive, and manage phone calls using their Teams application, transforming it into a complete phone system

100 million + users around the world use Microsoft Teams Phone.

Flexible and easy to use.

Communicate and collaborate effortlessly across devices and spaces with intuitive, seamless calling.

Intelligent and connected.

Create meaningful engagements with intelligent capabilities that connect your business and increase productivity.

Secure, reliable, and easy to manage.

Save time and enjoy peace of mind with a reliable and secure calling solution that is easy to manage.

Microsoft Teams Phone Solutions emerged as a beacon of innovation in this dynamic era, offering a comprehensive and modern approach to business communication needs. By leveraging Microsoft Teams Phone Solutions, companies can enjoy the convenience of cloud-based telephony, ensuring reliable and high-quality communication across various devices and locations.


Microsoft Teams Phone Features

Microsoft Teams Phone Solutions offers various features designed to enhance business communication. This approach offers unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency, crucial for thriving in the dynamic business landscape.

Here’s a detailed look at some key functionalities:

  • Cloud Auto Attendants: This feature allows the creation of a menu system for both external and internal callers, facilitating efficient call placement or transfers to various departments or users within an organisation.
  • Cloud Call Queues: Businesses can manage call queues with custom greetings and music, efficiently directing calls to available agents.
  • Music on Hold: A feature that plays default or custom music for callers on hold, applicable to one-to-one and call queue scenarios.
  • Call Forwarding Options: Users can set up rules to forward calls, ensuring they never miss critical communications, whether they are in the office or working remotely.
  • Group Call Pickup and Forward to Group: This enables sharing incoming calls with colleagues, allowing for more flexible call handling.
  • Consultative Call Transfer: Offers the ability to transfer calls to another person or device, providing flexibility and mobility in call management.

work remotely

How Teams Phone Empower Remote Work

In the current climate, remote and hybrid work models have become increasingly prevalent, Microsoft Teams Phone Solutions plays a pivotal role in enabling effective communication.

These solutions cater to the nuances of remote work environments in several ways:

  • Video Conferencing: With high-quality video capabilities, Teams Phone allows remote teams to interact face-to-face, fostering a sense of connection and collaboration despite geographical distances.
  • Robust Mobile Device Support: Understanding the need for mobility in remote work, Teams Phone offers comprehensive support for mobile devices. This feature ensures that employees remain connected and productive, whether working from home, in a coffee shop, or on the move.

These functionalities not only enhance the remote work experience but also ensure that businesses maintain high levels of efficiency and team cohesion in a distributed work environment.


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