Should I get Broadband or a leased line for my business?

When deciding between broadband and a leased line for your business, consider your specific needs and priorities. Let’s explore the key differences:

1. Broadband:

  • Usage: Regular broadband is commonly used in both domestic and business settings.
  • Shared Line: Broadband connections share a common line with nearby premises.
  • Cost: Business broadband is generally more cost-effective than leased lines.
  • Speed: While broadband speeds can vary, they are suitable for many small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Reliability: Broadband may experience occasional downtime due to shared bandwidth.

2. Leased Line:

  • Usage: Leased lines are specifically targeted at businesses and large organizations.
  • Dedicated Line: A leased line is exclusive to the hiring business, ensuring a dedicated connection.
  • Speed: Leased lines offer speeds up to and above 1 Gbps, making them ideal for data-intensive operations.
  • Uncontended Bandwidth: Unlike broadband, leased lines provide uncontended bandwidth, ensuring consistent performance even during peak hours.
  • Quality of Service: Leased lines come with dedicated specialist support and faster fix times for any issues.

Consider the following factors

  • Speed and Reliability: If speed and reliability are paramount, leased lines are the obvious choice.
  • Cost: If cost-saving is a priority, standard business broadband may be more suitable.

Ultimately, your decision should align with your business requirements and budget.
Talk to UCS to help navigate which option is best for you.